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Why idiots are always in a majority?



Education and books

I didn't realise how much our education system change since I was in school. I think I prefer the old one, but it's not as I can do anything about it.

Anyway... I was looking for a geographical atlas so I went to a book store and asked for one.
Employee: ... you mean an atlas that's not in a set with geography books for a specific grade?
Me: ... yes?
Employee: ... I'm not sure if they still make those...

Turns out they do, but it's rarely used in schools so not many of them can be found in a book stores, duh... In my time you could use one atlas (means with all the information that was needed) while in primary school and high school.
Life was simpler then *sigh*


Being dead...

... would be pleasant right about know...




Life is a b**** -_-


Friends via internet...

It's sad when friends disappear completely beyond your reach.
At least this time we had a chance to say thank you and goodbye.


Made by the USA Embassy in Warsaw

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Somehow it does make me feel better ^^


Please, no....

I so hate working with people who have no common sense and are not capable of logical thinking (at least in a very small dose - I'm not that picky)...



So, what do you people think about new friends page? Do you like it?
Have any of you heard that LJ is planning to resign from paid accounts?


Being dead would be quite enjoyable...

I hate renovations, especially at work -_- The level of noise is killing me and even painkillers don't help with a headache that comes with dealing with all of this *sigh*
On a happier note only four days left before my two weeks off ^^


*iz sulking*

So... There's this renovation of outer walls of the building I live in. It should help to keep heat in and after all the work the building should look, more or less, like when it was built more than one hundred years ago.
But does it have to be done even from 7 am on Saturday??????



I'm not sure if I want to know how he does that...


About you...

Taken from vix_spes If you want to comment and fill out as much of this as you want, please, be my guest ^^ Comments will be screened.

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5: What are you studying/working as:
6. What makes you happy/hobbies:
7. An interesting fact about you:
8. Favorite place to be:
9. A word to describe yourself:

1. Favorite Fandom(s):
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3. Celebrities you flail over:
4. Favorite music:
5. Favorite movie:
6. Favorite TV show:

1. One thing you like about LJ:
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4. Put this in your LJ so I can return the favor.


My UPS died a few minutes ago just as my desk lamp kind of fell apart (I don't think it's safe to use it anymore). Not to mention I had to replace monitor not so long ago because the previous one is a little bit dead-ish ^^;
I wonder what's next -_-

On a second thought - why does it allways happen on Sunday??????

Some little help needed...

I'd like to buy an e-book reader, that's not a Kindle. Any recommendations/suggestions?


Geeee... It's snowing. I think someone got confused with all those holidays...