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When you like the team and its players but you start to hate them because of their fans...
Story of my life *sigh*

Paradox of time

Why does time has to fly so fast? The older you get, the faster it goes. On the other hand when I was still in school it took ages for one day to end...

That feeling...

when you find out there is a sequel to the story you really like, that tells you "what was behind the door", but you have no idea where to find it...


It's so good to meet with an old friend :) @ gokuma we have to do this again \o/ XDXD


Having the procedure on a knee is not fun... Ouch...


oh, no...

Damn, why did I ever listen to that song, I can't get it out of my mind now... Not good...

This time of the year

So we have a New Year again, or it'll be here soon enough. Which means I'll have to deal, again, with:
- rehearsals to rehearsals, just to make sure fireworks will be set off ok (some people started yesterday...)
- car alarms "singing" all night, unless the owners are smart enough to leave them far away from our street,
- overtime at work during January and February (I just love taxes >.<)
- bitchy co-workers because it's THAT time of the year, whatever it means...

On a happier note I have a lot of books to read and things to watch, on a less happier note - I need time-turner to catch up with all of that :P

@[profile] gokuma Happy, wilf? :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone ^^


R.I.P Leonard Nimoy



Somehow I hate January and February. Too much work and and not enough time for all of it.

And weather does not help, I want real winter.



Being sick is so not funny...


Everything at once...

You know, there are long periods of time when you just live your life quite peacefully and there are times when everything happens at once.
And I can only wish...


Taken from dhamphir


About Dads

How to be the best Dad ^^ I love stories like that XDXD



I hate shopping. Whoever invented this monstrosity should die a very painful death >_>



Why idiots are always in a majority?